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Thread Crochet

Veteran internet crocheters may recognize much of the material in this site from a long post I wrote for the Crochet Partners mailinglist back in 1997 & seasonally re-posted. A list member put it into HTML for the Crochet Partners website, but it eventually fell by the wayside. I'd always meant to put it up on my own web-space, and so here it is, expanded (oh no!), updated, and revised.


But Why Crocheted Snowflakes?

That's a question I've asked myself, as well as one asked by various and skeptical non-crocheters of my acquaintance. Since you're reading this I assume you know why I like to crochet , but for anyone truly lost in the internet, the Harvard Medical School's Mind-Body Medical Institute has shown knitting and crochet to trigger physiological responses akin to those caused by meditation and yoga, with the added benefit that crochet generates nifty gift-oids along the way. I tend to prefer thread crochet to yarn, not only because it's so portable, but also because I seem to enjoy intricately detailed activities like computer programming, lace-making, and creating obscure web sites like the one you're reading now. And snowflakes are great because I can finish one or more in a single session of crocheting, give them away right and left at holiday-time, and recipients tend to be alarmingly impressed with the results (hey, it only 45 minutes to make... oops, that's a trade secret, isn't it?). And to anyone geeky enough to know what I mean, I'll confess that I'm just a total sucker for radial symmetry. Snowflakes, doilies, kaleidoscopes, spiderwebs, mandalas, whatever, I'm just irrationally pleased with them all. Whatever makes you happy, right?

The Big Plan

The big plan is for this site to morph into a thread crochet site with wings for specific stuff like snowflakes, Irish Crochet, and who knows what. So you may notice that there is rather more detailed thread crochet info than is really necessary for a simple snowflake site. But clearly we all have time on our hands, since I've caught you sufing crochet websites (can't deny it, can you?), and you've caught me constructing an extensive web site about an obscure sub-sub-section of needlework lore. So what's the problem??


Well, I'm becoming a crotchety old thing (well, at least middle aged), and I've been crocheting since I was a hyperactive little scabby-kneed thing, and I've gotten good enough at it that I can figure out old Victorian patterns, cope with turn-of-the century British crochet lingo, read Japanese charts, and make the results look nice and even and shiny too. Plus, (pregnant pause) I actually use my size 14 hooks (for snowflakes made from tatting thread -- so there!). Anyway, that's my authority for being opinionated about thread crochet. Not to mention that being opinionated is a required aspect of being crotchety, as you may know. You're free to disagree, and tell me exactly why. I like getting email from visitors to my web sites (enough that I'm actively inviting spam with all the mailto tags on these pages), so anyway, feel free to tell me exactly (or even vaguely) what you like or dislike about this site.

That said, I'd like to thank everyone who's been on the Crochet Partners mailinglist over the years, as well as my friends on all the other crochet mailing lists. If you want to be a better crocheter, arrange your life and your email program to handle some time as a member of one of these high-traffic mailinglists. I've learned more on these lists than I have from any crochet book (and I have lots), and I've met some wonderful ladies too. I've found internet needleworking ladies to be some of the most wise, generous, and funny people around, and knowing them has done miraculous things for my oft-times frayed faith in humanity. Thanks to you all!

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